A First Encounter

When we meet, intimacy will fill the air. We might both be a little shy, but nonetheless excited and gleaming. You’ve been working hard all day, so we’ll have a bit of wine and I’ll give you a back rub. I’ll warm up to you quickly, because I’ve been craving your company. I’ll kiss your body and caress your face, while the dream steadily continues…

About Sistina

I have always craved the new. That feeling of wonder and intimacy with a stranger I have yet to meet. The discovery of what lies beyond that door. Someone unique, someone intelligent and full of life, dreams, lust and desires. That someone is likely you.

I am a well-educated, university graduate with a bachelor in fine arts. As I continue on with my education, I am proud to say that I am a sex worker, living my best life. Meanwhile, my academic career aspirations is related to the communication of biology, anatomy and physiology, (ask, and I’ll give you a nice massage).

Outside of sex work and academic, I am a quite person that loves to read, write, research, invent, create and grow things. I have a small collection of plants that I tend to. I have a very non-judgement, laid back type of personality. My preferred drink is always a small glass of congac. I am a great conversationalist and a very bubbly, caring and loving person. I’ll always drive the conversation and have you at ease.

Patiently yours,

Sistina Day

age. twenty-five
height. five foot, one inch
body type. hourglass and slim
breast size. thirty-two b.
tattoos and piercings. none
smoker. no