About Sistina

My name is Sistina. I love the feeling of ‘new’. The discovery of the people beyond that mask that we all hide behind, for one reason or another. I want to know you–the person that is unique, full of knowledge, experiences, dreams and desires. You can be yourself with me.

I’m an academic university graduate with a bachelor in fine arts, and I’m currently working towards a degree related to biology. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and asking questions. Doubling as an artist and a dreamer, I’ve searched my entire life for freedom–to live without fears, boundaries, and to be happy. Sometimes, all I want is to read books, laugh and to never be cruel.

I love sharing my complete inner self with others, so please feel free to find our encounter genuine and warm.

Patiently yours,

Sistina Day

age. twenty-five
height. five foot, one inch
body type. hourglass and slim
breast size. thirty-two b.
tattoos and piercings. none
smoker. no